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PHS Records Management

Part of Data Solutions from PHS

Continuing our innovation in records management through effective storage of your records along with fast and easy retrieval when you want it!

PHS Records Management is now part of PHS's Data Solutions group of services.

Our document and data storage centres across the UK provide secure, efficient and reliable document and data storage, management and retrieval services for businesses. We keep your documents and data safe and secure, protecting them from theft, damage or loss, and enabling efficient authorised access when required.

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Document Storage

Whether you want to store 5 or 50,000 boxes, our accredited records management service offers great service and fast 24/7 access via our leading records management portal with scan-on-demand.

High Security Vaults

Extra security for high value or fragile documents, backup tapes and various electronic media with limited access to our environmentally controlled vaults which safeguard against deterioration.

Medical Records Storage

IG Toolkit Compliant (level 2 and above) document storage for the NHS and other healthcare related services.

Data Storage

Off site backup tape storage across the UK with 'call and collect' service and delivery of tapes within as little as 2 hours in the event of a disaster.

Document Storage Centres

See where our off-site storage centres are located.  You can choose which one you would like your service to be run from.

Document Scanning

Our scanning bureaus provide professional, fast scanning services for a wide range of documents on either a one-off or regular basis.

Process Automation

Capture data straight from scanned documents and insert into your CRM or Document Management software to speed up processing and reduce data entry errors.

For more information about our records mamangement service call on 0800 376 4422 or email us.

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 Our Records Management Service has been recognised with the ICS ServiceMark

We don’t just talk about providing excellent customer service, our ICS ServiceMark proves that we deliver it.

"It has been a very positive experience working with our PHS Account Manager and the staff at the Storage Centre in Avonmouth. We have achieved a mammoth task and now have a manageable and efficient archiving system. I am happy to recommend PHS Data Solutions"

Claire Madsen,
Consultant Physiotherapist and Deputy Clinical Director
Bristol NHS Community Trust

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