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IT Recycling and Data Wiping

Protecting your data doesn't end when it's not in use. It's a common misconception that deleting your data on a PC, lap top or hard drive, prevents it from being accessed. This is not the case.

Key documents and data can be relatively easily accessed using specialist software, even after it's been "deleted". So, when IT equipment is disposed of, you and your organisation can be left vulnerable to identity theft and fraud.

Data Security - Cradle to Grave

Make sure your data is secure from cradle to grave, by using an approved and accredited data destruction specialist such as PHS.

Our secure collection and recycling process ensures that all data is completely wiped from your equipment before it is refurbished, reused or recycled. As part of this we track your IT assets all the way to destruction so you can be confident that your business data is secure right to the end of it's life.

With PHS's IT Recycling service you can be sure of:

Make money from your old IT equipment

As technology develops and your business phases out ageing computers and servers, rather than just scrapping this equipment, we can help you actually retrieve some of its value with our IT Remarketing service, where we use our sales channels to sell on the component parts and returning some of that cost back to you.

What can be recycled?

We can recycle a wide range of IT hardware and acessories, along with other electrical equipment. As we are fully WEEE compliant you can be sure that it is safely and securely disposed of. If you're not sure which of your equipment can be recycled, check out our list of common items that we regularly deal with. If yours isn't there you can just get in touch and we'll let you know whether we can deal with it.recycling FAQs

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If you have less than 15 items to recycle, order our IT box for safe, secure disposal.

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