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Increase your office space, and gain easy, simple access to all your documents. We capture and classify your files.

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Save time and space by outsourcing document and data storage, keeping your files secure, safe and easy to access.

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Protect your data by ensuring your confidential information is securely destroyed by an approved and accredited provider.

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Improve productivity and outsource business processes like invoice processing, data capture, mail classification.

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it recycling

IT Recycling

Ensure your redundant IT equipment is securely wiped before disposal, with a safe and secure IT recycling service.

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Record Storage, Management and Document Scanning

Welcome to Data Solutions - secure, efficient, reliable

We provide secure, efficient and reliable solutions to data and document management, working closely with our clients to tailor make end to end processes to help your business run efficiently and smoothly.

We work with you to understand your business and find ways to reduce costs and increase productivity with a range of services that include workflow consultancy, better management of documents and using scanning to capture data directly from your paperwork, such as forms and invoices and feed them directly into your CRM or other business software.

Document and Data Management

You can rest assured that your documents and data are in safe hands, cared for from cradle to grave in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

We also provide confidential waste disposal, so that no sensitive data either from your paperwork or electronic media is put at risk when it is collected for shredding. Our data destruction process is accredited to BS EN 15713, giving you peace of mind that your confidential data is securely destroyed when required.

We have also been awarded the ICS ServiceMark, the only UK company offering shredding services to achieve this, which demonstrates our commitment and quality of service to our customers.

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What We Do - Shredding Services

What We Do - Data Scanning Services


ICS ServiceMark demonstrates our commitment to our customers

We don’t just talk about providing excellent customer service, our ICS ServiceMark proves that we deliver it.